Three Essentials of the Electric Grid: Business Essentials



2019 Summer - Term 1

About This Class

This course sets out, in three linked modules, the fundamental knowledge that professionals should have for working in the closely intertwined fields of energy and the environment. Students may take one, two, or three modules for one credit each.

MODULE C – BUSINESS ESSENTIALS: Electric vehicles (EVs) are not just the way of the future; they are biggest growth opportunity for our electric utilities in nearly a century. This module will explore issues at the intersection of the rapidly changing electricity and transportation sectors, with a particular focus on how EVs fit into the utility business model and can support a smarter, cleaner, more efficient “grid-of-the-future.” The course will include background on the state of the EV market and technology, as well as state and federal policy drivers for transportation electrification. We will engage in interactive discussion of policy options and case studies.

Class Code

ENV 5511