International Trade and the Environment



2019 Summer - Term 3

About This Class

This course is an up-to-the-minute, in-depth treatment of the intersection and frequent clash between two areas of policy and law, both of which are intended to promote human welfare and sustainable development: trade liberalization and environmental protection. The course will address cutting-edge questions in the field, including (1) protection of natural resources through unilateral trade-based measures; (2) the legality of multilateral environmental agreements employing trade measures; (3) utilization of science-based trade tests; and (4) environmental impacts of foreign investment liberalization. The course will analyze all the major junctures in the evolution of this area of the law, including the tuna/dolphin, shrimp/turtle, asbestos, beef hormone, and biotech cases. Students will be exposed to the major international trade agreements and institutions, such as GATT, NAFTA, the World Trade Organization, and pending trade negotiations. The course will include a simulated negotiation of a multilateral environmental agreement regulating trade in pesticides and chemicals. No prior familiarity with international law, trade law, or environmental law is necessary or assumed.

Class Code

INT 7446