Environmental Health Law



2019 Summer - Term 4

About This Class

Environmental health law uses federal environmental law and state public health law to address human health impacts resulting from exposure to physical, chemical, biological, and social factors in the environment. This seminar will cover a range of subject areas, including toxic torts, lead poisoning prevention, food protection, and pesticides. Public policy, and the role of government as policymaker and regulator, will be emphasized. The seminar will cover the events of the on-going Flint, MI, water crisis as a case study so that the students will learn the tools to analyze any environmental health crisis as well as the steps to improve the outcome presented by the crisis. Throughout the course, students will "assume" the role of one of the key players in the Flint crisis; several of the actual key players will be Skyped into the class for discussion. Students will write a paper on a chosen topic and present their research to the class.

Class Code

ENV 5310