JD/Master of Arts in Restorative Justice (MARJ)

Vermont Law School offers students the opportunity to earn both a Juris Doctor degree and a Master of Arts in Restorative Justice (MARJ) degree. The joint degree can be earned in three academic years, the period of time ordinarily required to earn the JD degree alone. The joint degree allows for up to nine credits to count towards both degrees and courses are taken at an accelerated pace through summer course offerings and online courses.

The JD/MARJ degree program empowers graduates to be forceful and articulate agents for change in law and restorative justice. As criminal justice transforms using more restorative practices, all lawyers should understand that there's another way to look at conflict and conflict avoidance. The program provides hands-on, experiential opportunities to learn about and practice restorative justice methods and innovative criminal justice approaches. The combination of traditional law school courses with curriculum specifically designed for the master's degree, prepares students to bring restorative practices and values to a range of justice systems.