Legal Writing Specialization

Words are the fundamental tools with which lawyers and policymakers conduct their business—it is paramount that today's law and policy graduates know how to write the law, not just read cases.

Employers will tell you the same. That's why Vermont Law School requires that all JD and master's students take legal writing courses, and the results are outstanding. For instance, Andrew Rome, JD '17, won the 2018 Burton Distinguished Legal Writing Award, the country's top legal writing honor. He was the fifth Vermont Law student in eight years to win.

Our expert legal writing faculty will help you hone your craft through courses like Legal Writing, Public Law, and Appellate Advocacy; by advising students who take part in classic scholarly extracurriculars like the Vermont Law Review, Vermont Journal for Environmental Law, and Moot Court; by teaching how to research and draft real laws in our Legislative Clinic; and by mentoring students, like Lizzie, who want to take on the challenge of competition or strive for publication. The strong legal writing skills you develop at Vermont Law will remain with you throughout your career, regardless of your professional path.