Student Bar Association

Student Bar Association Logo, Vermont Law School

The purpose of the SBA is to support and encourage academic excellence and professional growth among students; ensure the attainment and preservation of the rights of the individual student to acquire a quality legal education in a just and reasonable manner; and serve as the vehicle for interaction and communication between the students and the faculty, administration, alumni, and the community.

If you are a student, be sure to s​​ign up on the SBA Twen page, because every student of Vermont Law School is an SBA Standing Member. Beginning in the Fall 2017 Semester, contact Secretary Tyler Morrison ( or President Cody Stryker ( to get on the agenda.


Student Bar Association members, 2015-2016

2017 - 2018 SBA Senate

President: Cody Stryker
Vice President of Student Affairs Operations: Eli Ancharski
Vice President of Student Activities: Giselle Lopez
Treasurer: Cory Woerner
Secretary: Tyler Morrison
Parliamentarian: Joseph Strain
3L Senators: Jay Crowder, Maggie Galka, Elise Iannone, Joe Lyons, Andrew Wilson
2L Senators: Brantley Carter, Chloe Castro, Caitlyn Kelly, Brittmy Martinez, Margaret Shugart
1L Senators: Kyle Clauss, Lateef Munir, Daniel M. Webb, Elizabeth Scheinman, David Riley
AJD 2018 Senator: Sabiel Chapnick
AJD 2019 Senator: Phoenix Meyers
Career Services Representative: Evan Baylor
Mental Health Committee Representatives: Rasheta Butler, Allyson Moore, Gaines Harrell, Jennifer O'Connor, Nico Lustig
Sexual Misconduct Board Representatives: Maggie Galka, Admira Nkouka, Eric Naclerio, Eliza van Lenamp, Luckie Milad
Masters Senators: Jameson C. Davis, Anne Hamilton
IT Representative: TBA (Appointed)
LLM Senator: TBA
Town Liaison: Evangeline Williams

2017-2018 SBA Representatives:

ABA/LSD Representative: Sherri White
3L Honor Code: Jennifer Neyenhouse
3L Code of Conduct: Michael Hervey
3L Curriculum Committee: Michael Hervey
3L Faculty Hiring: Joe Lyons
2L Honor Code: Joseph Strain
2L Code of Conduct: Ethan Story
2L Curriculum Committee: Eli Ancharski
2L Faculty Hiring Committee: Nico Lustig
1L Honor Code Committee: Nicha Rakpanichmanee
1L Code of Conduct Committee: Gabriel Gabaldon
1L Curriculum Committee: Carlson Swafford
1L Faculty Hiring Committee: Daniel M. Webb
Masters Honor Code Committee: Avrielle Miller
Masters Code of Conduct: Anne Hamilton
Masters Curriculum Committee: Jecoby Young
Masters Faculty Hiring Committee: Bridget Martin
LLM Honor Code: TBA
LLM Code of Conduct: TBA
LLM Curriculum Committee: TBA
LLM Faculty Hiring Committee: TBA
3L Trustee: Jenny Leech
2L Trustee: Angela Sicker