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Jack Tuholske
Online Faculty
U.S.-Asia Fellows

Jack Tuholske

Director, Water and Justice Program
Professor of Law
Environmental Law Center
U.S.-Asia Partnerships for Environmental Law
New Economy Law Center
Summer Session

JD, University of Montana, 1985


Curriculum Vitae

Jack Tuholske


Jack Tuholske’s 30 year legal career has focused on public interest environmental litigation in state and federal court in Montana and the West. He has been lead counsel for over 50 published decisions, including over a dozen successful cases at the Montana Supreme Court in the fields of water law, land use, constitutional law and natural resource management. In recognition of his public interest work, he was awarded the William O. Douglas Award by the Sierra Club in 2002 and the Kerry Rydberg Award in 2010 by the University of Oregon Public Interest Environmental Law Conference.

Jack has been on the Vermont Law School faculty since 2003, teaching a wide range of Summer Program, traditional law and Distance Learning courses. In 2009 he taught at the Law Faculty of University of Ljubljana in Slovenia as a Fulbright Scholar. In 2011 he co-founded the Water and Justice Program at Vermont, providing students with an opportunity to work on water-related policy and legal questions for NGOs from around the country. He also serves as a Technical Advisor to VLS’s U.S.- Asia Partnership in Environmental Law, and regularly travels to China to help develop public interest environmental litigation in China. Each summer he leads a dozen students into the wilds of Montana and Idaho for the Montana Public Lands Field Seminar, a traditional law class taught entirely in the backcountry.


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